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Social Programming (2016)

by Reabilitator

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You buy stuff and don’t know what for You obey a religion and obey their law You're blinded by a screen which shows TV-lies, which only distort and criminalize Society instead of you choose your life You accept this shit without a try to fight This is our fate: terror and hate which satisfy all desires of the State All your steps have been planned This research has no end Human life is a template forced by the elite You're victim of social programming The program of this life is materialized No errors allowed. Violators die… Mental disease of man's destiny Science is used for a mass slavery A psycho-impact for a total control Identical slaves... Once and for all… Normally — means to follow the plan All other views at once will be condemned Do work and die! That’s our life! The system works perfectly with no denial
I can't help them realize what they do Our simple deeds is not able to change the world We can't prevent explosion of a nuclear bomb But we can hope for the future after our death Hey Pollute the sky before you will die Hide from the law like did it before Store your radwaste in water for taste Do it! Kill yourself! You need nothing else Demolition, evolution, annihilation of creatures Cause of kill, no repeal of stupid ideas Extermination, reduction, the caution for all humans Effectless, needless, explanation has no sense My brothers-people don't understand my thoughts They have filled with beer and rejoice in life I can't live so! I wish to do something! But these sad words are all that I can say now Stop it! Kill them! Kill all their thoughts! People must degrade and rejoice in trifles The alcohol purpose to disarm all people To sterilize our mind, to create obedient zombies Drink and never think what’s going around You’re only a pettiness from crowd with no rights Fuck the alcohol! [You should not..] Fuck the beer! [... be like them] Fuck the drugs! [You should..] ...Make your choice!!! Fuck the cigarettes! [You should not..] Fuck the smoking! [... be like them] Fuck all this shit! [You should..] ...Make your choice!!!
Stop! 03:25
Stop the propaganda of shamelessness which extends among us through the press Stop display this violence on TV this fashion of drugs and pornography Cruelty, hypocrisy, hatred dominate in modern life This is not my world. World of lie and disgust. This is not my war. Stop this enmity at last! Why we can't create a normal life where will be no rivalry and fights? Mind of a human kind is filled with a shit. We destroy for the sake of profit I can see no future for my unborn children I don't want to live them like a modern silly youth
Afflictions Restrictions Our life is raped We are the slaves The system was under reconstruction Nothing can return the past Protections Injections World prison Their decision We were born to self-destroy Human brain does not rejoin Deformation of our mind is the cause of genocide (Pseudoexistence) The plan is performed (Pseudoexistence) In perverted form (Pseudoexistence) Spoils and distorts (Pseudoexistence) Reign in desert Evil took the Earth Using deadly force Evil left no way To hide from decay We were born to self-destroy Human brain does not rejoin Deformation of our mind is the cause of genocide
The control of our steps, moving ways and daily actions Leave less chances for resistance to all of us You don't understand aspiration for freedom Power, domination and enrichment is your lust Unfair inequality will not last for long time We gather thrash forces for kicking your ass Your protecting robots can't stop the assault We don’t agree with your deeds, we protest! Use your rage against authorities Nothing more, but only thrash will help us Global enslaving must we prevent Freedom is in our hands No more outrageous lies! Freedom for our lives! Hear it! Recognize! Rise! Show them we're not the slaves! Show them we’re not obeying! We will fight and let them pray! We don't support your methods of enmity and violence, murders and tragedies in news on television Let's get this over with once and for all it's time to obviate all fucking politicians Unfair inequality will not last for long time We gather thrash forces for kicking your ass we cannot allow greater destruction, oppression of the people and corruption Work, buy, consume, die Eat waste, breathe dust Speak hate, feel the void Such life is instilling to us
Global disaster, rebels are dead Washing and clearing of brains in your head Vans filled with drugs go to your town New shit for zombies which walk around Deadly ideas are able to spread Violence in world, our hope is dead (Forcing) The elite has talent only for mass destruction (Bribery) All their power is in global corruption There are no emotions, money is goal Buying of palaces, selling of souls Future technologies, hunger of poor Waste of money, that's their rule Deadly ideas are able to spread Violence in world, our hope is dead (Money) The elite grows rich with hunger of millions (No hope) We’re becoming victims of ruthless experiment The scrap of life is on the top of us Suppression of the mind and human's thoughts The scrap of life is on the top of us Destroying all: the culture and the past Intentional suppression
God Of Earth 03:32
Fleeting pleasures are meaning of his life There is no purpose, there is no sense He is an owner of this planet Can make justice and violence You can't contest his excellence and absolute dominance His miserable life has no sense Money and power are his preference Can't justify his incompetence and his destructive influence You can't contest his prevalence, planetary independence "Die, everything, but not me!" "Fade! Only I live to be!" These words sit deep in your head You'll not recede until nature will be dead Trees and grass will be replaced by asphalt Toxic wastes will be buried in a ground Environment will not be perfect But world is civilized by your acts You live here not knowing for what Destroy, dominate, kill because you are the God Death, destruction are your methods Not everyone can resist your weapons Madness, rage, hasn’t any pity God of Earth is society You cannot supervise planet's atmospheric changes Modifying of natural processes is very dangerous Ecological deadlock from which there is no exit Say "Goodbye" to everything in the world that still exists
Let's thrash! We play our songs in rehearsal room Today we are especially evil Our friend should sell this place We have decided to crush all We play louder and break the instruments, Destroying all around The doors are locked from inside Mad people knock and shout to us: "Stop this noise! You'll destroy our home!" Thrash! Destroy! Awful cries of people muffled up by our sounds Pieces of huge buildings lay in a dust on the ground Fractures extends from our place to all the world We will play until the our Earth will be the wold Concrete walls fall down under the pressure of sound waves Very soon our city will turn into empty space Leaders will be crushed, government's power will fall Let will be the fucking wold! Deadly rehearsal destroys people’s lives From our noise no one can hide We will never stop! We will destroy this world! Thrash! Destroy!


Second album ‎"Social Programming" of ukrainian thrash metal band Reabilitator. We worked hard on it and now you can feel the power of the Ukrainian underground thrash! Also like us on facebook and write your reviews, we will be pleased to read it!
The album contains 8 songs about the shit we live in: manipulation of public opinion, propaganda of the deception, crimes and cruelty, false and imposed needs. Released on Metal Race label, limited to 500 copies.


released September 15, 2016



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Reabilitator Ukraine

Reabilitator is the metal band who are spreading the oldschool thrash in Ukrainian underground since 2010. They have two albums "Global Degeneration" (2012) and "Social Programming" (2016), which was released by Metal Race Records. In 2018 Reabilitator recorded first diy video "Thrash Way Of Life". ... more

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